Support our endorsed candidate for San Diego County Board of Supervisors Nora Vargas

Volunteer with Team Nora

One of our most vulnerable populations that have been directly impacted by the virus or from self-isolation are our senior citizens. Join Team Nora every Wednesday for #WellnessWednesday calls and help us reach out to seniors throughout District 1. Our team will provide you with call information, training, and resources to share with our seniors.

To sign up, click here

Events News

April 20 – Monthly Meeting via Zoom

When: Monday, April 20, Meeting starts at 6:30 PM but you can join the Zoom from 6:00 PM, if you need a few minutes to get help started. We’ll be there to help everyone get connected.

Where: Zoom. Registration is required – if you’re a clubmember or participant click here to register ahead of time. All of the details on how to join will be provided – including dial-in details from a landline.

We will also Livestream the meeting on our YouTube channel for non-clubmembers.


  • San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher who will speak to us about county resources to help fight the economic and mental health impact of the Covid-19 epidemic
  • Supervisorial Candidate Nora Vargas &
  • Supervisorial Candidate Terra Lawson-Remer
    will update us on their campaigns to join Nathan on the County Board of Supervisors

Brandon McDonald of the Western Service Workers will discuss the dire needs of their members who are desperate for food. He says that people donate food and it’s gone in two days, the need is so great. They also need people to help fill out unemployment forms and deliver food.

Western Service Workers, although their members are comprised of the poorest of the working poor, are not the only group that is looking for help. If you know of organizations that are working to help with resources, please let us know and we will list them on our website.

The original intention for this meeting was to focus on mental health. issues caused by the COVID-19 crisis. Older, more isolated and fragile members and our members who are parents, some who are single parents, home full time with their children, are suffering stress.

And then there is the financial stress, causing its own set of mental health issues — which is always harder on women.

Nathan will discuss mental health resources to help with these issues, that we can direct people to, as well as resources for victims of domestic abuse.

It’s clear that Nathan, as the sole Democratic voice on the County Board of Supervisors, has driven major changes in the attitude of the board on the delivery of needed services. Just think what we can do when we get Nora and Terra elected to join him.

Book Club Selection:

The DWC’s executive board has chosen the book for our next Book Club– the Perfect Predator: A Scientist’s Race to Save Her Husband from a Deadly Superbug: A Memoir by Steffanie Strathdee and Thomas Patterson. Dr. Steffanie Strathdee is a infectious disease epidemiologist, Associate Dean of Global Health Sciences and Harold Simon Professor of Medicine at the University of California San Diego where she co-directs the new Center for Innovative Phage Applications and Therapeutics. Steffanie is married to Thomas L. Patterson, Professor of Psychiatry at UC San Diego, where they lead an HIV prevention research and training program on the Mexico-US border. Together, they co-authored The Perfect Predator, a medical memoir about Tom’s life-threatening superbug infection which was cured with a hundred-year old forgotten cure– phage therapy. In 2018, Steffanie was named by TIME magazine as one of 50 Most Influential People in Health Care for her work to bring phage therapy to North America.

We do not yet have a date for the event as we are hoping to get Professor Strathdee to join us for discussion.

If you have any problems, questions or concerns we can help with please give me a call or email.

Susan Peinado, President
(619) 225-9236

Events News

August 19 – Endorsements & Resolutions

New Meeting Start Time

We are moving the meeting time to start promptly at 6:30 PM.
Social time will be from 6:00PM to 6:30PM.

Because our agenda is completely full, we will not be able to give candidates (not on the agenda) time at the beginning of the meeting, as we usually do, to address our members. We encourage candidates to come to the Social Time so that they may talk directly to club members before the meeting starts.

The first order of business will be to address the following proposed Bylaw change:

Article VIII - Candidate Endorsements
For rules governing candidate endorsements refer to the Candidate Endorsement Policy.

Current Bylaws are available here. The proposed revisions are highlighted here.

Chaired by Yvonne Elkin, Endorsement Committee Chair

We will attempt to endorse in the following races:

  • San Diego County Board of Supervisors District 1
    • Rafael Castellanos
    • Ben Hueso (Jessica Hayes will be speaking for him)
    • Nora Vargas
    • Sophia Rodriguez
  • San Diego Community College Board District B (Friendly Incumbent) 
    • Bernie Rhinerson
  • San Diego Community College Board District D (Friendly Incumbent)  
    • Mary Graham
  • San Diego County Board of Supervisors District 2
    • Kenya Taylor
  • SD County Board of Supervisors District 3 
    • Olga Diaz
    • Terra Lawson-Remer            
    • Jeff Griffith has dropped out of this race        
  • Congressional District 52 (Friendly Incumbent)  
    • Scott Peters

Green New Deal Resolution for Dem Clubs

WHEREAS The UN Interdepartmental Panel on Climate Change has concluded that Human Caused Climate Change poses a clear and existential threat to humans and land and marine life forms and that energy, agricultural and transportation sectors must be fully decarbonized in 11 years to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 deg C to avoid global catastrophic consequences; at the same time, the fossil fuel industry has known about and deliberately concealed information and misinformed the public about the science and impacts from the burning fossil fuels and have spent billions of dollars to fund climate denier campaigns and block policies that advance climate solutions; 

WHEREAS The US is experiencing an unprecedented level of economic inequality, inadequate employment, wages and benefits, threats to food and water safety, lack of healthcare and affordable housing and environmental damages — all of which impact low income, indigenous and communities of color more significantly, and there is an urgent need to transition to an economy that works for all; 

WHEREAS Only the proposed Green New Deal initiative proposes a fair and just transition to a green, sustainable and renewable energy economy at the scale of the crisis; creates and guarantees good paying jobs; requires that the transition be led by the people who are at maximum peril from these threats; and can achieve the rapid, fair, and ethical transition of the United States to a net zero greenhouse gas emitting economy;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Democratic Woman’s Club of San Diego County supports the Green New Deal resolution and the no Fossil Fuel Money Pledge, and calls on the San Diego Congressional delegation to: 1) cosponsor the Green New Deal Resolution; 2) sign the no Fossil Fuel money pledge and commit to refusing political contributions from the fossil fuel industry; and, 3) hold a town hall meeting in their district in San Diego County by the August 2019 recess to dialogue with constituents on climate change. 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution be sent to the California US Senators and Congressional Representatives to take the actions identified.

“Clean Elections”: Differences from traditional reforms. Endorsement.

“Clean Elections” is the name supporters have given to some public financing efforts, used most prominently in Maine and Arizona. Some Clean Elections laws provide a government grant to candidates who agree to limit their spending and private fundraising.

Officer Reports

  • Vice Presidents, Ramla Sahid and Dr Becca Fielding-Miller 
  • Treasurer, Rosamond Blevins
  • Secretary, Cathy Hyatt
  • Social Committee Chair, Kate Bishop
  • President’s Report, Susan Peinado
    • The Women’s Museum of California will be celebrating Women’s Equality Day, in Balboa Park on August 26th. The public is invited to join in the celebration with the Museum’s annual Suffrage Parade and Rally, 4:00 PM on the lawn area across from the Organ Pavilion.


Raffle drawing


We meet at Elijah’s Restaurant, 7061 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111

MTS routes 44 and 60.
If you need a ride home afterwards, contact us beforehand so we can arrange carpools.

Come early and socialize with club members and officers. Officers are there by 6PM and available to talk and answer questions.

Order dinner or a drink to sustain you, and the restaurant!


Notes from June 2019 Meeting – Endorsements, Convention Reports, Bookclub, PR & Media

Democratic Woman’s Club of San Diego County
Monday, June 17, 2019, Monthly Meeting, Elijah’s Restaurant

Welcome and Introductions

President Susan Peinado opened the meeting at 7:00pm.
Welcome to members and guests.
Approval of agenda (Motion: Yvonne Elkin).
Welcome to guests and new members.
Introduction of club officers, chairs, and club associates.
Introduction of Angela de Joseph as Public Relations and Media Chair and Nicole Jones as South Bay Club Associate.
Recognition of other clubs’ officers.

Elected Officials

  • Barbara Bry – San Diego City Council District 1
  • Doug Case for Toni Atkins – CA Senate President pro Tem District 39


  • Harid Puentes – Candidate for San Diego City Council District 1
  • Raul Campillo – Candidate for San Diego City Council District 7
  • Terra Lawson-Remer – Candidate for County Board of Supervisors District 3
  • Nora Vargas – Candidate for County Board of Supervisors District 1
  • Joe LaCava – Candidate for San Diego City Council District 1
  • Sharon Larios – Candidate for San Diego City Council District 7
  • Cory Briggs – Candidate for City Attorney
  • Aniya Brown for William Moore – Candidate for San Diego City Council District 1
  • Kenya Taylor – Candidate for County Board of Supervisor District 2
  • Steph Groce – Candidate for San Diego School Board Seat A
  • Joaquin Vazquez – Candidate for Congress District 53
  • Nick Serrano for Todd Gloria – Candidate for Mayor of San Diego
  • Delfina Gonzalez – Candidate for Chula Vista City Council District 4

Jay Jayakumar of spoke in support of the Green New Deal Resolution for DEM Clubs. Anne-Marie Kaukonen motioned that the club vote on supporting the resolution at the July meeting. Unanimous approval.

Bubby and cake served to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Democratic Woman’s Club!

Endorsement Committee, Chair Yvonne Elkin

Motion to approve July endorsement calendar (Doreen Mattingly)
Unanimous approval.

June Endorsements (*Friendly Incumbents):

  • Chula Vista City Council District 3* Steve Padilla endorsed
  • San Diego City Council District 9* Georgette Gomez: endorsed unanimously
  • Assembly District 80* Lorena Gonzalez (Mary Latibashvilli representing): endorsed
  • CA State Senate 39* Toni Atkins (Doug Case representing): endorsed unanimously
  • Congressional District 49* Mike Levin (Hunter Phillips representing): endorsed unanimously

Officers Reports

  • Treasurer’s Report, Rosamond Blevins reported the bank balance and showed the check out cards for the club’s Little Free Library
  • Secretary’s Report, Cathie Hyatt with a reminder of mobile Little Free Library and a plea for donated books
  • Communications Chair, John Loughlin asked everyone to signup for the clubs’s group
  • President’s Report, Susan Peinado. Skivvies for Stand Down, an annual three-day event run by Veterans Village of San Diego. This year undergarments are requested— new underwear, bras and undershirts for men, women and children in need. Book Club – Our next book: “How All Politics Became Reproductive Politics, from welfare reform to foreclosure to Trump” by Laura Briggs. Discussion at Women’s Museum on August 8. O.B. Chili Cook Off 6/22 – Booth with Point Loma Dems

Convention Debrief

  • Angela de Joseph
  • Ellen Nash
  • Yvonne Elkin
  • Lauren Beir
  • Katie Meyer
  • Andrea Cubit
  • Michelle Krug

Announcements from the floor:

  • Katie Myer: SD Progressive Club Meeting/Forum City Council Dist 1 & 3
  • Michelle Krug: Backpack Full of Cash – screening 6/20, 4pm, Chesterton School, CPI gathering at Jacobs, 6/20 Center– see Michelle for info
  • Anne Hoiberg: 100 Years Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote, 8/25/19, Organ Pavilion, 4pm
  • Oren Robinson: Jewish Voice for Peace San Diego event 6/22
  • John Loughlin: World Refugee Day 6/22


Meeting adjourned: 9pm
Next regular meeting is 7pm, Monday, July 15, 2019, Elijah’s Restaurant.

Notes by Cathie Hyatt, Secretary


Notes from Mar 19 Meeting – Endorsements and Actions

Democratic Woman’s Club of San Diego County March 19, 2018 Meeting, Elijah’s Restaurant
President Susan Peinado opened the meeting at 7pm.

Guests and Candidates (not seeking endorsement tonight):

  • Doug Case – representing State Senator Toni Atkins
  • Judy Ki – animal cruelty petition
  • Jeff Griffith – candidate for CA State Senate District 38
  • Kate Bishop – candidate for Chula Vista School Board District 5
  • Victor Torres – candidate for Superior Court Judge
  • Matt Brower – candidate for Superior Court Judge
  • Katie Meyer – representing Ammar Campa Najjar, candidate for CA Congressional Dist. 50
  • Volunteer for Delaine Easton – candidate for Governor
  • Leticia Cazares – candidate for Southwestern Community College Board
  • Dominic Nguyen – representing Dave Myers, candidate for Sheriff
  • Michelle Gomez – candidate for County Board of Supervisors District 5
  • Jennifer Campbell – candidate for San Diego City Council District 3
  • Sara Jacobs – candidate for US Congressional District 49
  • Marggie Castellano – candidate for State Senate District 36
  • Mark Bartlett – candidate for Chula Vista City Council District 1

Announcement and confirmation of Club GoTeam Representative to the County Party – Alyce Pipkin-Allen

Emiliana Sparaco, Organizer, SEIU Local 221: Full Voter Participation Initiative. Petitions distributed to club members.

Endorsements: Run by Dr. Doreen Mattingly – candidates must get 60% of the vote to be endorsed.

Friendly Incumbent Endorsements

  • Kevin Beiser: San Diego Unified District B – Endorsed
  • Scott Peters: 52nd Congressional District – Endorsed (Proxy: Codi Vierra)
  • Nora Vargas: Southwestern Community College Board, Seat 2 – Endorsed


75th Assembly District

  • Alan GeraciEndorsed

San Diego Community College District E

  • Sean EloEndorsed
  • Rafael Perez

San Diego City Council District 6

  • Tommy Hough
  • Fayaz NawabiEndorsed
  • Matt Valenti

President’s Report

  • Robert’s Rules reminder
  • The agenda was approved with a unanimous voice vote
  • Roosevelt Dinner, April 7, 2018, second club table purchased.
  • Oren Robinson provided details (Ramla Sahid, Michelle Krug to be honored).

Becca Miller,VP Internal: Club donation basket items for Roosevelt Dinner.

Kris Harvey: Turnover in current administration. (Handout)

Rosamond Blevins: Treasurer’s Report – over new credit union account

Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm

Notes: Cathie Hyatt
Photos: John Loughlin