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Jan 18- Monthly Meeting – Regeneration and Renewal

Meeting virtually by Zoom.

When: Monday, January 18: Meeting starts at 6:30 PM but please start checking in at 6:00 PM, to help us get the meeting started on time.

Where: Zoom registration is required – if you’re a clubmember or participant click here to register ahead of time. All of the details on how to join will be provided – including dial-in details from a landline.

Our meetings are available live on our  YouTube channel. Someone will monitor the chat to text into the meeting relevant questions or comments that may be asked there. 

Honoring Dr Martin Luther King, Jr with Dr Akilah Weber

Dr Akilah Weber

Dr. Akilah Weber will be opening our meeting with remarks to help us honor, on this sacred day, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Remembering Dr. King is even more important after the huge national tragic horror that we all saw on Wednesday January 6. None of us know what is ahead of us, just that we all need each other to love, cherish and hold dear.

Election of President, Secretary and Treasurer Chaired by Susan Peinado

Susan Peinado

As the current president, Susan Peinado will not be running for reelection, she will be chair this part of the meeting.

Our current Secretary, Cathie Hyatt and Treasurer, Rosamond Blevins have agreed to run for another term. Stepping down are Susan Peinado, President, Rebecca Fielding-Miller, VP Internal, and Ramla Sahid, VP External. 

As both Vice President positions have been restructured in the newly proposed bylaws with additional, clearly defined responsibilites,the decision is to wait until the new bylaws have been adopted before holding the elections for those positions. It is important that candidates fully understand what is expected of them. 

We have had one candidate come forth to run for President, Dr. LaWana Richmond. Her officer candidate application is here. Our new President’s term will begin at the end of the January meeting.

Sarah Davis has come forth to run for Vice President next month. Her officer candidate application is here.

We still need applications for the two newly created positions – Director of Membership and Director of Communications. Please contact Rosamond Blevins if you are interested in running for either of these positions. 


  • January – President, Secretary, Treasurer
  • February (after adoption of the newly proposed bylaws) – VP Internal, VP External, Director of Membership, Director of Communications

Bylaw Revisions Chaired by
Yvonne Elkin

Yvonne Elkin

The Bylaws changes were sent out in our earlier email of January 4, 2021. 

Please come to the meeting having reviewed these documents. This will allow Chair Elkin to go through the changes in an efficient manner. After through discussion by our members at the upcoming meeting, the final version will be voted on at our February meeting, in accordance with our bylaws.

If you have questions about the bylaws, please email Chair Elkin, .

To recap changes from our earlier email, we have created a new membership category for people who may want to affiliate with the Democratic Woman’s Club because they are aligned with our mission, but for some reason are not currently registered as a Democrat.

We also have better defined the responsibilities of our board members, adding two additional positions to help distribute the work across more people instead of overloading our President and Treasurer.

The procedure we will use to review these changes is:

  • We will ask people to raise their hand in Zoom to comment.
  • If someone makes a motion to amend one of our changes, we will make note and put that section on a list to address at the end of the document review. 
  • Once we have completely reviewed the document we will begin to address those sections that members have indicated they want to change.
  • We will follow Robert’s Rules to accept or reject motions. 

Any revisions voted on and accepted at this meeting will be redistributed at least 2 weeks prior to the February meeting. Approval of the Bylaw changes will be placed on the consent calendar for that meeting.

Treasurer’s Report, Rosamond Blevins

Rosamond Blevins

Rosamond will update us on DWC-SD income and donations since our last meeting. 

Covid Rant – UCSD Epidemiologist Vice President Dr. Becca Fielding Miller – Not that Kind of Doctor 

Dr Rebecca Fielding-Miller

Club Vice President Dr. Rebecca Fielding Miller, UCSD Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine, School of Health Sciences, an epidemiologist, who has been featured on NBC San Diego and Voice of San Diego, will address member concerns and questions on Covid related issues. More information on Dr Miller may be found here.

Remember to mail your ADEM ballot by Friday, January 22

Registration to request a ballot is now closed. Your Voter ID number must be filled out for your vote to be counted. You will find your Voter ID number in your voter registration confirmation email that was sent from

Club Members Running for ADEMs

All Clubmembers who are running for ADEMS will have one minute to make their case to fellow Clubmembers. Please practice ahead of time, because one minute goes by very quickly. 


North County San Diego Womxn’s March
Online Event register here

2021 Book Club Meetups, organized by club member Geneviéve Jones-Wright. Register here.

  • Saturday January 23, 2pm, and Saturday January 30, 2pm “Walking with the Wind,” by the late Comgressman, John Lewis. 
  • The book scheduled for February is “Caste,” by Isabel Wilkerson


Notes from July 2019 Meeting – Endorsements & Resolutions

Democratic Woman’s Club of San Diego County
Monday, July 15, 2019, Monthly Meeting, Elijah’s Restaurant

Welcome and Introductions

  • President Susan Peinado opened the meeting at 7:00pm
  • Introduction of club officers, chairs, and club associates 
  • Recognition of other clubs’ officers

Elected Officials

  • Chris Ward – San Diego City Council District 3
  • Dr. Akilah Weber – La Mesa City Council
  • Dr. Shirley Weber – California State Assemblymember District 79
  • Doug Case for Toni Atkins – CA Senate President pro Tem District 39*


  • Will Moore – Candidate for San Diego City Council District 1
  • Wendy Wheatcroft – Candidate for San Diego City Council District 7
  • Marni Von Wilpert – Candidate for San Diego City Council District 5
  • Stephen Whitburn – Candidate for San Diego City Council District 3
  • Gregg Robinson – Candidate for San Diego County Board of Education
  • Jane Marshall – Candidate for Oceanside City Council District 4
  • Delfina Gonzalez – Candidate for Chula Vista City Council District 4
  • Sarah Davis – Candidate for California State Assembly District 78
  • Joe LaCava – Candidate for San Diego City Council District 1
  • Kate Bishop – Candidate for Chula Vista Elementary School Board
  • Raul Campillo – Candidate for San Diego City Council District 7
  • Aeiramique Glass Blake – Candidate for US Congressional District 51
  • Kenya Taylor – Candidate for County Board of Supervisor District 2

Katie Meyer, Chair of CYD Progressive Caucus – Campaign Workers’ Guild, Fair Campaign Pledge to hold candidates accountable for treatment of their staff.

Susan Peinado calls for candidates to refrain from negative campaigning against fellow Democrats.

Meeting turned over to Endorsement Committee

Chair, Yvonne Elkin 

Chula Vista City Council D4 race pulled from tonight’s calendar to allow for notification of an additional candidate.

San Diego City Attorney – Cory Briggs, Mara Elliot (represented by Bernadette Butkiewicz)

  • Vote: No candidate reached 60%
  • Motion for No Endorsement (Ruth Rollins) – failed
  • Motion to rate Briggs acceptable (Kevin Lourens) – failed
  • Motion to rate Elliot acceptable (Doreen Mattingly) – failed
  • No position taken

August Endorsement Calendar: Motion (Brenda Arnold) to attempt to endorse in the following races: 

  • CA Assembly District 79: Dr. Shirley Weber
  • US Congressional District 52: Scott Peters 
  • SDCCB District B: Bernie Rhinerson
  • SDCCB District D: Mary Graham
  • County Board of Supervisors District 1, Raphael Castellanos, Ben Hueso, Nora Vargas, Sophia Rodriguez
  • County Board of Supervisors District 2, Kenya Taylor
  • County Board of Supervisors District 3, Olga Diaz, Jeff Griffith, Terra Lawson-Reemer

Unanimous approval of August endorsement calendar 

CA State Assembly District 76 – Tasha Boerner-Horvath (friendly endorsement)

  • Motion to endorse by acclamation (Ruth Rollins)
  • Passed unanimously 

San Diego Mayor – Barbara Bry, Todd Gloria, Tasha Williamson

  • Vote #1: No candidate reached 60%
  • Vote #2: No candidate reached 60%
  • Motion to rate Gloria and Williamson acceptable (Katie Meyer) 
  • Motion to amend main motion adding Bry (Cathie Hyatt) – Passed
  • Vote on motion, w/amendment, to rate Barbara Bry, Todd Gloria, and Tasha Williamson acceptable – Passed

US Congressional District 50 – Ammar Campa Najjar

  • Motion to endorse by acclamation (Ruth Rollins)
  • Passed unanimously 

The following business occurred between endorsements and during vote counts:

Officers’ Reports

Vice President External, Ramla Sahid

  • Announcement of Genevieve Jones-Wright as PANA’s Legal Director

Vice President Internal, Dr.Becca Fielding – Miller

  • Dependent Care Grant
  • Close the Camps – Lights of Liberty Event, DWC supported financially
  • Unitarian Church vandalized with anti-semantic symbols

Treasurer’s Report, Rosamond Blevins

  • Current balance given
  • 25 new members in June, 12 new members in July

Secretary’s Report, Cathie Hyatt

  • Reminder of mobile Little Free Library
  • Logo update 

Announcement: Dr. Doreen Mattingly, Past Endorsement Committee Chair

  • Book Club – Our next book: “How All Politics Became Reproductive Politics, from welfare reform to foreclosure to Trump” by Laura Briggs. Discussion at Women’s Museum on August 8.

Social Chair, Kate Bishop

  • DWC Skate Night: Friday, August 2, 7-11pm, Skateworld, 6907 Linda Vista Rd., San Diego, CA 92111

President’s Report, Susan Peinado

  • Thanks and praise to the Endorsement Committee
  • Reminder of Book Club meeting on August 8 – see details above


Meeting adjourned: 10pm 

Next regular meeting is 7pm, Monday, August 19, 2019, Elijah’s Restaurant.

Notes by Cathie Hyatt, Secretary

Events News

Sep 17 – Celebrate the End of Gun Shows in Del Mar, Endorsements, Signature Drive

This month in San Diego County we’ve seen how local, sustained activism can help change the world!’s founder, Rose Ann Sharp, will interactively illustrate to us how the movement to end gun shows at the Del Mar Fairgrounds developed and was successful within six months. This will be a fun evening to create our own successes where we want to change the outcomes! took their inspiration from the Parkland Students, who asked each of us to be involved in ending gun violence.

Fred Rogers, VP and co-founder of the San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action, will briefly talk about the issues involved with the proposed Newland Sierra housing project that is expected to be approved by the County Board of Supervisors at the end of the month.

Tim J. Doring is organizing a signature drive to stop the proposed Newland Sierra housing project, and is offering a donation to the club for each signature gathered by clubmembers.

The following local Democratic clubs will also be working with Mr. Doring to earn money for their clubs by collecting signatures:

  • San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action
  • San Marcos Democratic Club
  • La Jolla Democratic Club
  • Uptown Democratic Club

Every valid signature earns $7. It’s easy to take the petition around to other Clubs, church, schools, neighbors, local fairs and farmers markets. We can turn this money around to help our endorsed candidates. If 20 club members gather 20 valid signatures each, that’s $2,800. If 40 club members gather just 15 signatures each that’s $4,200 to put back into local campaigns. Some of us who gathered signatures for the Full Voter Participation Act, which forces top two County races from the primary into November, will tell you that it’s not that hard. And Tim’s campaign has a really good script to use.

Up for endorsement consideration are two great candidates for La Mesa City Council:

  • Dr. Akilah Weber
  • Dave Myers

As always, our members are encouraged to arrive at 6:30 pm to socialize and enjoy the special all evening Happy Hour menu at Elijah’s Restaurant.

Monday Sep 17 – Social Time from 6:30pm, Club business at 7:00pm.

Social Time
Members are encouraged to get together from 6:30pm just before the meeting starts.
Order dinner or a drink to sustain you, and the restaurant!


Elijah’s Restaurant, 7061 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111 (map).

  • MTS routes 44, 60

Photo credit: Kristen Shanahan (@k_shan7)