Vote For Women – Lift Their Voices

We have many club members running for the Central Committee. Check your Presidential Primary Democratic ballot and vote for up to six (6) women, and their allies, in your Assembly District.

Share these flyers on Facebook and Twitter, and print out the PDFs (at the bottom of the page) for when you’re out canvassing.

With club members from all over San Diego county it was hard to select just six (6) candidates per Assembly District.

The criteria used were determined by a sub-committee of the executive officers, and included the following:

  • Service/leadership within the club or our supported organizations
  • Support of club activities and events
  • Representation of the mission and values of the club to the broader community
  • Support of other club members within our shared communities
  • Individual historical membership in the club
  • Frequency of attendance

Assembly District 71

  • Tom Lemmon – Marine/Veteran Advocate
  • Christina Perry – Teacher

Assembly District 75

  • Nicolle Leeds | Businesswoman

Assembly District 76

  • Esther C. Sanchez | Attorney/Council Member

Assembly District 77

  • Danny Jackson | Director/Vice-President/Consultant
  • Melinda K. Vasquez | Attorney
  • Lauren Bier | Attorney/Policy Advocate

Assembly District 78

  • Gretchen Newsom | Advocate of Workers
  • Sarah K. Davis | Licensed midwife/Businesswoman
  • Codi Vierra | Congressional Campaign Manager
  • Wendy Levy Batterson | Community Organizer/Advocate
  • Bernadette Butkiewicz | Community Organizer
  • Becca Taylor | Gerontologist/Veterans Advocate

Assembly District 79

  • Evlyn Andrade | Director of Development
  • Nidia Castaneda | Small Business Owner
  • Temika M. Cook | Cook/Labor Leader
  • Angela de Joseph | Central Committee Member
  • Kathryn Meyer | Community Organizer
  • Samantha Jenkins | City Appointed Commissioner

Assembly District 80

  • Brenda Aguirre Arnold | Community/Campaign Organizer
  • Cathie Hyatt | Events Director/Mother
  • Sara S. Kent | Community Organizer/Mother
  • Kate Bishop | Designer/Parent Advocate
  • Delfina Gonzalez | Central Committee Member
  • Angelica “Angel” Godinez

Educating Democratic women about the political process, to increase their voice and participation.

8.5″ x 11″ sheet, of four 4″ x 5.25″ flyers, for canvassing


Notes from September 2019 Meeting – Endorsements

Democratic Woman’s Club of San Diego County
Monday, September 16, 2019, Monthly Meeting, Elijah’s Restaurant

Welcome members, guests, elected officials, and candidates.

  • President Susan Peinado opened the meeting at 6:30PM


  • Approval of agenda (Motion: Gretchen Newsom).
  • Motion (Ruth Rollins) to amend agenda removing CA District 53 from endorsement consideration. Passed 47- 27.

Meeting turned over to Endorsement Committee

  • Chaired by Lucille Toniolo

CA Assembly District 77 – Brian Maienschein

  • Motion to endorse by acclamation (M: Ruth Rollins). Divided voice vote.
  • Motion to vote by paper ballets (M: Evlyn Andrade-Heymsfield). Passed. Endorsed.

CA Assembly District 78 – Sarah Davis, Micah Perlin, Chris Ward

  • No candidate received 60% of votes
  • Motion to rate Sarah Davis acceptable (M: Kate Bishop)
    • Amendment to motion to include Chris Ward as acceptable (M: Doug Case). Amendment passes
    • Amendment to add Micah Perlin as acceptable (M: Mahamed Abdulahi) Amendment fails
  • Amended motion passes rating both Sarah Davis and Chris Ward acceptable.

CA Assembly District 79 – Dr. Shirley Weber (friendly endorsement)

  • Motion to endorse by acclamation (M: Dave Myers) – Passed unanimously

Congressional District 51 – Aeiramique Glass Blake, Juan Vargas

  • Motion to endorse Aeiramique Glass Blake by acclamation (M: Katie Meyer) – passed unanimously

October Endorsement Calendar: Attempt to endorse in the following races: 

  • San Diego City Council D1 – Aaron Brennan, Joe LaCava, Will Moore, Harid Puentes, Louis Rodolico
  • San Diego Community College District D – Mary Graham (friendly incumbent)
  • San Diego City Council D7 – Raul Campillo, Wendy Wheatcroft, Sharon Larios, Monty McIntyre

Unanimous approval of October endorsement calendar 

The following business occurred between endorsements and during vote counts:

Officers’ Reports

President’s Report, Susan Peinado – 1619 Exhibit at the San Diego Women’s Museum Event, October 3, 6pm.

External Vice President, Ramla Sahid – Surveillance cameras update.

Internal Vice President, Dr. Becca Miller – Tacos and Beers Fundraiser, TBD.

Treasurer, Rosamond Blevins – Balance of account. Donation to Casa Cornelia.

Secretary, Cathie Hyatt – No report.

Communications Chair, John Loughlin – No report.

Social Committee Chair, Kate Bishop – DWC Theatre Night!  Dance Nation.


• Happy Birthday to CA Assemblywoman, Dr. Shirley Weber.
• Michelle Krug – CADEM Pre-endorsements: October 5.
• Angela De Joseph WOC Media Radio Show: Saturdays, 1pm, KNSJ 89.1FM

Candidates Remarks

  • Elizabeth Lavertu – Candidate for California State Assembly District 71
  • Michelle Gomez – Candidate for Oceanside City Council District 4
  • Sara Jacobs – Candidate for US Congress District 53

Meeting adjourned: 9:00pm 

Next regular meeting is 7pm, Monday, October 21, 2019, Elijah’s Restaurant.

Notes by Cathie Hyatt, Secretary

Events News

May 20 – She the People with Angela de Joseph

Angela de Joseph will give a presentation on the recent presidential forum “She the People” held in Houston, Texas.

Angela is the founder of Women of Color Roar, a club member, and the only independent journalist from San Diego to cover this event.

In 2017, Angela launched Indivisible Watu, a grass roots community activism organization. To date Watu has been instrumental in the battles to save the Affordable Care Act, protect voting rights and criminal justice reform. She produced the successful “Women of Color Roar” breakfast to encourage young women to run for office.

Angela de Joseph

Angela has written for the “Voice and Viewpoint,” San Diego Monitor News and “Indian Voices” newspapers and produced “Rock the Vote San Diego” a community voter mobilization event at the World Beat Center in Balboa Park.

Women of Color Roar Media brings you news, views and unfiltered information on Women of Color, particular women who are part of the African Diaspora. Learn more and become a Patreon here.

Arrive at 6:30pm to network, meeting starts at 7:00pm.

Meeting is at Elijah’s Restaurant, 7061 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111

Order dinner or a drink to sustain you, and the restaurant!

MTS bus routes 44, 60


Women of Color Roar

This inspirational event was held on February 2, 2019. Many thanks to Angela de Joseph, and all the Angela’s, for organizing a full and varied program.

We enjoyed one of the most honest discussion panels San Diego has had for a long time with San Diego City Council President Georgette Gomez, San Diego City Councilmember Monica Montgomery and California Assemblymember Dr Shirley Weber.

Events News

Notes from Nov 27 Meeting – Endorsements and Actions

7:00pm Meeting called to order and President’s welcome
7:02pm Approval of agenda
7:05pm Candidates
  • Tasha Borener Hoverath, Assembly District 76
  • Brian Pease, City Council District 2
  • Matt Valenti, City Council District 6
  • Tommy Hough, City Council District 6
  • Sara Jacobs, Congressional District 49
  • Monica Montgomery, City Council District 4
  • Michelle Castle-Gomez, Assembly District 76
  • James Elia, Assembly District 71
  • Fayaz Nawabi, City Council District 6
  • Lori Saldaña, County Board of Supervisors District 4
Candidate Representatives
  • Dominic Nguyen for Dave Myers, Sherriff
  • Codi Vierra for Doug Applegate, Congressional District 49
  • Melissa Padilla for Omar Passons, County Board of Supervisors District 4
7:28pm Angela de Joseph: Proposed joint project between Indivisible Watu and DWC

January 20th Women’s Breakfast to celebrate and encourage women candidates, particularly women of color and young women. Members vote unanimously to contribute $500 to the event.

7:36pm Emiliana Sparaco, SEIU 221 – update on actions to Flip the 49th
7:53pm Dr. Donna Arnold-Dudley, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

Introduction and description of the private non-profit organization founded in 1913.

7:57pm Endorsements, Dr. Doreen Mattingly

77th Assembly District – Sunday Gover
Unanimously endorsed with a show of hands

50th Congressional District – Pete Beauregard, Josh Butner, Ammar Campa-Najjar
Movement to endorse passes with a unanimous voice vote
Movement to endorse with a written ballot passes with a unanimous voice vote
With > 60% of the votes, DWC endorses Ammar Campa-Najjar for 50th Congressional District

8:37pm Officer reports

Tell Ruth Rollins if you are interested in running for office with the DWC. We’re looking for a Treasurer and possible Secretary. We’ll be adding a second Vice President position so there will be an internal and external VP.
Adding a second VP will require a bylaw change. Stay tuned.


We are solvent and doing well.


Holiday party on December 16th. Committee volunteers – Michelle Johnson, Alyce Pepkin Allen, John Loughlin, Susan Peinado
Male ally workshop committee volunteers – Samm Hurst & Michelle Johnson

8:48pm Announcements
9:00pm Meeting Adjourns
Officers Present:
  • Susan Peinado, President
  • Christa Wubbolding, Treasurer
  • Rebecca Fielding-Miller, Secretary

Notes: Rebecca Fielding-Miller
Photos: John Loughlin