Endorsing candidates that represent the views of members is one of the most important functions of the Democratic Woman’s Club. This committee runs the endorsement process.

The Endorsement Committee authored the club’s endorsement process (approved by members), solicits and reviews candidate questionnaires, and runs the endorsement part of club meetings. If you’re interested in learning more, or getting involved send an e-mail to info@dwc-sd.org call us at (619) 430-4259.

2019-2020 Endorsement Committee

Chaired by Yvonne Elkin

  • Danny Jackson
  • Doreen Mattingly – Emeritus (ad hoc)
  • Ellen Nash
  • Kathleen Stadler
  • Katie Meyer
  • Kirsten ‘Kit’ Aaboe
  • Lauren Bier
  • Laurie Black
  • Lucille Toniolo
  • Pat Murphy
  • Rosamond Blevins

2018 Endorsement Committee

Chaired by Dr Doreen Mattingly

  • Alyce Pipkin-Allen
  • Ellen Nash
  • Katie Meyer
  • Kit Aaboe
  • Lucille Toniolo
  • Michele Johnson
  • Samantha Hurst

2018 Endorsements