The A in A-Team stands for Articles and Action and Awesome! Yes that is A-Team as in “We pity da fools…” who think that San Diego isn’t turning populist and progressive.

We are here to talk the talk about how we as Democrats can do more to make politics in San Diego open, transparent and effective in meeting the needs of our people.

We will be writing several hard-hitting series beginning with “Who Runs San Diego?

Be on the lookout for the first few segments that address the media in San Diego, followed by a scintillating discussion of Republican Party surrogates like the Lincoln Club, the Chamber of Commerce and the San Diego County Tax Payers Association.  After that we talk about Tourism, Developers, Non-Profits and Lobbyists.

It is educational, fun and, dare we say, revolutionary?

If you want to contribute to these and other articles as a writer, researcher or publisher send an e-mail to info@dwc-sd.org call us at (619) 430-4259 or go to our Membership page and sign up.

Publishing robust, thoughtful and challenging discussions of Democratic Party values as they relate to income inequality, climate change, sustainability, reproductive justice and other major challenges we face in a rapidly changing world.

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