Notes From February 20, 2023: General Meeting & Officer Election

Monday, February 20, 2023, via Zoom

6:30pm – President, Dr. LaWana Richmond called the meeting to order.

Agenda approved without objection. M: Susan Peinado


• Dr. Darshana Patel, candidate for State Assembly Dist. 76

• Heather Ferbert, candidate for San Diego City Attorney 


Lori Saldana: Central Committee early endorsement calendar is being considered Tuesday, February 21 at 6:00pm

Elected Officials or Representatives:

• Sabrina Bazzo, San Diego Unified School Board President

• Tiffany Boyd-Hodgson PhD, Director Vallecitos Water District

• Dr. Darshana Patel, Poway Unified School Board President 

Program: BLACK HISTORY MOMENT through an AFROFUTURIST LENS by Dr. LaWana Richmond 

Presentation by Christie Love Hill, ACLU of San Diego Counties PrOTECT: Coalition for Police Accountability and Transparency 

Motion that the DWC publicly support PrOTECT by adding the DWC logo to M: Yvonne Elkin. Passed Unanimously

Nominating Committee Report and Election: Chair, Rosemond Trujillo-Blevins and Lucille Toniolo

Treasurer – one-year term to fill vacancy

Elected Beatrice Cubitt 

External VP – one-year term to fill vacancy

Elected Tiffany Boyd-Hodgson PhD 

Internal VP – two-year term

Elected Andrea Cubitt 

Secretary – two-year term

Elected Hannah Green 

Director of Membership – two-year term

Elected Patricia Wojdowski

President – two-year term

Elected Cathie Hyatt

Motion to write a letter from the club to the Central Committee requesting a delay of early friendly incumbent endorsements. M: Lori Saldana. Passed unanimously. Incoming President, Cathie Hyatt will write and send letter tonight.

Message from Party Chair, Becca Taylor, expressing excitement and congratulations to the new officers.  – Susan Peinado

Comment Alyce Pipkin-Allen: inquired about bylaw provision to appoint a Black woman to the eboard for more perspective and greater diversity. Incoming board will address.

Officer Reports

Treasurer, Yvonne Elkin: $6,790.02 in the bank. Presented budget. Approved unanimously.

M: Yvonne Elkin. Tonight’s minutes needed for transfer of officers.

Director of Membership, Sarah Davis: 88 paid members in good standing.

Director of Communication, Ann Crosbie: no report, thanked outgoing eboard.

President, Dr. LaWana Richmond, expressed gratitude and hope for inclusion and welcoming environment on the board going forward.


Dr. Richmond: Grio’Neers 501c3 Afrofuturism Workshop at the University Club, March 20.

Michelle Krug: CA Alliance of Retired Americans bus trip to Kevin McCarthy, March 7.

Diversionary Theatre production, High Table playing through March 5

Tiffany Boyd-Hodgson: North County African American Women’s Association, March 11.

Lori Saldana: Article in Union Tribune re: Party finances.

Angela de Joseph: Thank you to the DWC for sponsoring and volunteering at the Women of Color Roar breakfast. Rep. Barbara Lee, candidate for US Senate, speaking with BAWR, March 26 via zoom.

Angela Hawkins: prompted a round of applause for the outgoing eboard.

Adjourned at 8:19pm M: Cathie Hyatt