Notes from February 15th Meeting

Democratic Woman’s Club of San Diego County
Monday, February 15, 2020 Via Zoom
6:30 Club President Dr. LaWana Richmond called meeting to order
Approval of Agenda
(M: Yvonne Elkin)
Candidate Announcements
 Eve Antekeier for Carlsbad City Councilwoman Priya Bhat Patel – Candidate CA State Senate
 Leticia Munguia – Candidate for CA State Assembly D79 http://www.LeticiaMunguia,com
 Shane Parmely – Candidate for CA State Assembly D79
Recognition of Elected Officials (or their representatives)
 Doug Case Representing State Senate President Pro Tem, Toni Atkins – State budget and
renters’ assistance passed, Councilmember Monica Montgomery and Senator Steven Bradford
named to Reparations Task Force
Amendment of Bylaws – Yvonne Elkin (Motion to approve amended bylaws: Dave Myers)
Motion to amend meeting attendance requirement to vote for officer elections/endorsements to three
(3) meetings (M: Shane Parmely) motion fails 14/14
Motion to amend meeting attendance requirement to vote for officer elections/endorsements to two
(2) meetings beginning after tonight’s meeting (M: Sarah Davis) motion passes 26 /1
Motion to close debate on all motions on the floor passes without objection (M: Shane Parmely)
Original motion passes by acclamation
Program: Recognition and Celebration of Black History Month

Carol Jeffries, President, A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI), San Diego Chapter

Carol Jeffries, President, A. Philip Randolph Institute, San Diego Chapter – Shared information about a historic Black woman whose story she is looking forward to helping us all become familiar with.

Dr. Helen Griffith, Inaugural Executive Director of Executive Director of Preuss School, UC San Diego –
Shared stories of “local” Black women who have made or are making an impact.

Election of Club Officers
 VP External 1 year – Lori Saldaña

 VP Internal 2 years – Sarah Davis

 Director of Membership 2 years – Rosamond Blevins

 Director of Communications – Jenn French (Nominated by Sara Davis)
Motion to elect all nominees by acclamation (M: Dave Myers) Passes by acclamation
Motion to extend President and Secretary terms to two years to agree with amended bylaws
(M: Yvonne Elkin) Motion passes unanimously
Officer Reports
Cathie Hyatt, Secretary: Kudos to Supervisor Vargas and Congresswoman Jacobs
Rosamond Blevins, Treasurer – Money in club account $2,973.76
Motion to donate $499 to SD Food Bank (M: Rosamond Blevins) passes by acclamation
Dr. LaWana Richmond, President – Goals for club development, social justice, and change
Old Business – none
New Business – Dave Myers asks that DWC considers passing a resolution demanding the State conduct
an independent audit of the jail conditions in San Diego County. Lori Saldaña, Susan, Peinado, Jenn
French, Yvonne Elkin, Michelle Krug, and Dave Myers will work on the resolution for our next meeting.
Kate Bishop – newly elected President of the San Diego Democratic Education Alliance: Meetings every
4 th Sunday at 2PM
Samantha Jenkins – Citizens Advisory Board on Police and Community Relations – multiple positions
available, Meetings every 4 th Monday at 6PM
Lori Saldaña – Hotel rooms are provided by FEMA. Please call and encourage your elected officials to
provide rooms to those in need. Lori will create fact sheet for members to use when calling
Michelle Krug – Redistricting
Ruth Rollins – Flag thefts
Gary Gartner – Recall Jen Campbell Campaign kickoff event Feb 27 info
Beyoncé exit music Who Run The World (Girls)
Meeting Adjourned 8:30PM
Our next regular meeting is Monday, March 15, 6:30 via Zoom