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Dec 21- Monthly Meeting – Delaine Eastin, Barbara Bry, Dr Samm Hurst, Rosamond Blevins, Dr Rebecca Fielding-Miller

Come hear from former State Superintendent Delaine Eastin about why she is running to be the next Chair of the CaliforniaDemocratic Party.

Meeting virtually by Zoom.

When: Monday, December 21: Meeting starts at 6:30 PM but please start checking in at 6:00 PM, to help us get the meeting started on time.

Where: Zoom registration is required – if you’re a clubmember or participant click here to register ahead of time. All of the details on how to join will be provided – including dial-in details from a landline.

Our meetings are available live on our  YouTube channel. Someone will monitor the chat to text into the meeting relevant questions or comments that may be asked there. 

Guest Speaker: Delaine Eastin

Come hear from former State Superintendent Delaine Eastin about why she is running to be the next Chair of the CaliforniaDemocratic Party.

Delaine wants to create an inclusive, growing, inspiring, transparent California Democratic Party that will win back the congressional seats we lost in November, and train and support Democrats up and down the ballot, and all over the state.

Dealine Eastin

Guest Speaker: Barbara Bry

Barbara Bry

Former District 1 San Diego City Councilmember Barbara Bry will address us as spokesperson for the Recall Jen Campbell campaign

To quote Barabra:
It’s a new day in San Diego, and it’s time for the voices of the people to be heard.
Do not let this chance go by. Get involved now. Protect the city — and your neighborhood — from entrenched, powerful, special interests.

Ms. Bry, in an interview with KUSI last week announcing that she would be part of the recall effort, said the campaign’s leaders planned to file notice of intent in mid-January.

That means we could be looking at an election at the end of next year, if the recall campaign hits all of its marks. The Voice of San Diego has more information on this recall. 

Campaign shakedown from our own Dr Samm Hurst

Dr Samm Hurst

Clubmember Dr. Samm Hurst will update us on her campaign- her experiences running as a first time candidate – personal observations about what she learned as a first time candidate. For information on the result of the recount in her race that was decided by FIVE votes is located here.

Nomination Committee Report by Rosamond Blevins, Chair

Rosamond Blevins

As Chair of this committee, Rosamond will report on current candidates for our open positions. Candidates currently running may speak briefly to the Clubmembers after her report.

To learn more about our open positions, please contact Rosamond directly

Rosamond has also been coordinating our bylaw review committee and will briefly report on its progress.

Treasurer’s Report, Rosamond Blevins

Rosamond Blevins

Rosamond will update us on DWC-SD income and donations since our last meeting. 

Covid Rant – UCSD Epidemiologist Vice President Dr. Becca Fielding Miller – Not that Kind of Doctor 

Dr Rebecca Fielding-Miller

Club Vice President Dr. Rebecca Fielding Miller, UCSD Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine, School of Health Sciences, an epidemiologist, who has been featured on NBC San Diego and Voice of San Diego, will address member concerns and questions on Covid related issues. More information on Dr Miller may be found here.

Club Members running for Assembly District Delegates

Deadline to register for a ballot – Jan 11, 2021

All Clubmembers who are running for ADEMS will have one minute to make their case to fellow Clubmembers. Please practice because one minutes goes by very quickly. 

Not sure what ADEMS are? Explanation here
Register to vote for your candidates here