Vote For Women – Lift Their Voices

We have many club members running for the Central Committee. Check your Presidential Primary Democratic ballot and vote for up to six (6) women, and their allies, in your Assembly District.

Share these flyers on Facebook and Twitter, and print out the PDFs (at the bottom of the page) for when you’re out canvassing.

With club members from all over San Diego county it was hard to select just six (6) candidates per Assembly District.

The criteria used were determined by a sub-committee of the executive officers, and included the following:

  • Service/leadership within the club or our supported organizations
  • Support of club activities and events
  • Representation of the mission and values of the club to the broader community
  • Support of other club members within our shared communities
  • Individual historical membership in the club
  • Frequency of attendance

Assembly District 71

  • Tom Lemmon – Marine/Veteran Advocate
  • Christina Perry – Teacher

Assembly District 75

  • Nicolle Leeds | Businesswoman

Assembly District 76

  • Esther C. Sanchez | Attorney/Council Member

Assembly District 77

  • Danny Jackson | Director/Vice-President/Consultant
  • Melinda K. Vasquez | Attorney
  • Lauren Bier | Attorney/Policy Advocate

Assembly District 78

  • Gretchen Newsom | Advocate of Workers
  • Sarah K. Davis | Licensed midwife/Businesswoman
  • Codi Vierra | Congressional Campaign Manager
  • Wendy Levy Batterson | Community Organizer/Advocate
  • Bernadette Butkiewicz | Community Organizer
  • Becca Taylor | Gerontologist/Veterans Advocate

Assembly District 79

  • Evlyn Andrade | Director of Development
  • Nidia Castaneda | Small Business Owner
  • Temika M. Cook | Cook/Labor Leader
  • Angela de Joseph | Central Committee Member
  • Kathryn Meyer | Community Organizer
  • Samantha Jenkins | City Appointed Commissioner

Assembly District 80

  • Brenda Aguirre Arnold | Community/Campaign Organizer
  • Cathie Hyatt | Events Director/Mother
  • Sara S. Kent | Community Organizer/Mother
  • Kate Bishop | Designer/Parent Advocate
  • Delfina Gonzalez | Central Committee Member
  • Angelica “Angel” Godinez

Educating Democratic women about the political process, to increase their voice and participation.

8.5″ x 11″ sheet, of four 4″ x 5.25″ flyers, for canvassing