Notes from September 2019 Meeting – Endorsements

Democratic Woman’s Club of San Diego County
Monday, September 16, 2019, Monthly Meeting, Elijah’s Restaurant

Welcome members, guests, elected officials, and candidates.

  • President Susan Peinado opened the meeting at 6:30PM


  • Approval of agenda (Motion: Gretchen Newsom).
  • Motion (Ruth Rollins) to amend agenda removing CA District 53 from endorsement consideration. Passed 47- 27.

Meeting turned over to Endorsement Committee

  • Chaired by Lucille Toniolo

CA Assembly District 77 – Brian Maienschein

  • Motion to endorse by acclamation (M: Ruth Rollins). Divided voice vote.
  • Motion to vote by paper ballets (M: Evlyn Andrade-Heymsfield). Passed. Endorsed.

CA Assembly District 78 – Sarah Davis, Micah Perlin, Chris Ward

  • No candidate received 60% of votes
  • Motion to rate Sarah Davis acceptable (M: Kate Bishop)
    • Amendment to motion to include Chris Ward as acceptable (M: Doug Case). Amendment passes
    • Amendment to add Micah Perlin as acceptable (M: Mahamed Abdulahi) Amendment fails
  • Amended motion passes rating both Sarah Davis and Chris Ward acceptable.

CA Assembly District 79 – Dr. Shirley Weber (friendly endorsement)

  • Motion to endorse by acclamation (M: Dave Myers) – Passed unanimously

Congressional District 51 – Aeiramique Glass Blake, Juan Vargas

  • Motion to endorse Aeiramique Glass Blake by acclamation (M: Katie Meyer) – passed unanimously

October Endorsement Calendar: Attempt to endorse in the following races: 

  • San Diego City Council D1 – Aaron Brennan, Joe LaCava, Will Moore, Harid Puentes, Louis Rodolico
  • San Diego Community College District D – Mary Graham (friendly incumbent)
  • San Diego City Council D7 – Raul Campillo, Wendy Wheatcroft, Sharon Larios, Monty McIntyre

Unanimous approval of October endorsement calendar 

The following business occurred between endorsements and during vote counts:

Officers’ Reports

President’s Report, Susan Peinado – 1619 Exhibit at the San Diego Women’s Museum Event, October 3, 6pm.

External Vice President, Ramla Sahid – Surveillance cameras update.

Internal Vice President, Dr. Becca Miller – Tacos and Beers Fundraiser, TBD.

Treasurer, Rosamond Blevins – Balance of account. Donation to Casa Cornelia.

Secretary, Cathie Hyatt – No report.

Communications Chair, John Loughlin – No report.

Social Committee Chair, Kate Bishop – DWC Theatre Night!  Dance Nation.


• Happy Birthday to CA Assemblywoman, Dr. Shirley Weber.
• Michelle Krug – CADEM Pre-endorsements: October 5.
• Angela De Joseph WOC Media Radio Show: Saturdays, 1pm, KNSJ 89.1FM

Candidates Remarks

  • Elizabeth Lavertu – Candidate for California State Assembly District 71
  • Michelle Gomez – Candidate for Oceanside City Council District 4
  • Sara Jacobs – Candidate for US Congress District 53

Meeting adjourned: 9:00pm 

Next regular meeting is 7pm, Monday, October 21, 2019, Elijah’s Restaurant.

Notes by Cathie Hyatt, Secretary