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Jul 16 – Starla Lewis – America the Great: An Experience in Diversity

Following up on the inspiring Cultural Diversity Workshop training last Saturday, organized by the Martin Luther King Jr Democratic Club, the Democratic Woman’s Club of San Diego County will host Professor Emeritus Starla Lewis. Her presentation, “America the Great: An Experience in Diversity” is an opportunity to move beyond politics that divide us and create politics that bring us together. Collectively, we will address critical issues that impact our lives and the future of our country, developing skills to be more conscious, competent, connected and comfortable when addressing topics related to differences. Bring your questions, concerns, experiences, expertise and friends to share in conversations that can create unity in our diverse communities at home, at work, and in the world!

For forty years, Starla Lewis has committed herself to bridging, unifying and empowering multi-culturally diverse communities. Department Chairwoman at Mesa for eleven years and professor of Black Studies at San Diego Mesa College for twenty years, Lewis is also a six-time recipient of the Mesa College Teacher of the Year Award.

Besides being a poet, author, professor, chairwoman, mentor, mother, and life coach, Lewis is also the founder of Celebration of Everlasting Love and Life (C.E.L.L.), a consulting firm working to help people discover their full potential, regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity. Lewis believes in loving herself just the way she is, and teaching others to love themselves as well.

On March 1, 2015, Lewis was honored at the Women’s Museum of California, one of six to be inducted into the 14th Annual San Diego County Women’s Hall of Fame under the category of “Bridge Builder” for her devotion to unifying and empowering multi-culturally diverse communities.

Lewis’ strength and devotion to empowering women serves as an inspiration to women across the nation. Although retired, her love for teaching has kept her busy, teaching three classes each year as she believes her purpose is to learn just as much as it is to teach.

Please come join us for this exceptional experience. Bring your friends and your friends’ friends. See you there!

Download a flyer for this event (PDF).

Pride Parade

We’ve been invited to march with the San Diego Democrats for Equality (thanks William!) at the Pride Parade on Saturday July 14. Meet up at 11am, start off time is 12pm. You can park at the old Naval Hospital in Balboa Park and take a free shuttle to the meeting point.

After Justice Kennedy’s retirement, and the likelihood of more conservative appointments, now more than ever we need to show solidarity with our LGBTQ+ friends and relatives.

Contingent Lineup Number: 116
Meet up time: 11am
Step off: 12pm
Facebook link

Independent Commission on Police Practices

Photo Credit: Oren Robinson

“The community of San Diego just had a win. A small win. The Independent Police Oversight Board proposed charter amendment advanced from the Rules Committee to the full council. The City Attorney has some work to do to ensure the much needed law is ready for the voters in November. We have the obligation to ensure all of our city council members vote for this independent oversight board!” – Laila H. Aziz

“We won! It passed committee! But it’s not over: Next we need to find out which day (probably this month) the proposal will be put on the agenda at a FULL general city council meeting. We will need to push hard to meet the deadline for the charter amendment to make the November 2018 ballot. So we will need even more people to make phone calls and show up.” – Oren Robinson

How they voted:

Three yes votes from Council President Myrtle Cole (who motioned to send it forward), Councilmember Barbara Bry and Councilmember Chris Ward.

Two no votes from Councilmembers Mark Kersey and Chris Cate who gave no commentary, response or explanation for their vote. This is very troubling, since 50+ community members spoke in support of wanting simply the chance for voters to VOTE on this issue, and meanwhile only 2 people spoke against.*

*Four people “officially” spoke against (and all four were members of the current board that people want to fix), but even 2 of those 4 had reservations — i.e. they actually did support some kind of reform, just not the exact proposal on the agenda.

Monday July 16 – Social Time from 6:30pm, Club business at 7:00pm.

Social Time
Members are encouraged to get together from 6:30pm just before the meeting starts.

Order dinner or a drink to sustain you, and the restaurant!


Elijah’s Restaurant, 7061 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111 (map).

  • MTS routes 44, 60

Thanks and gratitude to the MLK Jr Democratic Club for organizing the Cultural Diversity Workshop last weekend with Chris Crass.

Photo Credit: Oren Robinson

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