Jan 21 – Women’s March

c17rwwtwqaaig7kOn January 21, 2017 we will unite for the Women’s March on San Diego

We, San Diego Women’s March, are peacefully marching in San Diego in solidarity with the Women’s March in DC.  We are dedicated to a free and open society. Together we stand united in our respect for all people and we resist the marginalization of anyone. As a diverse, inclusive community of compassionate people, we seek to strengthen and continue our commitment to work for the protection of women’s rights.

We stand firm in agreement that women’s rights are human rights.

There are two rallies scheduled in San Diego County in support of the Washington D.C. Million Woman March:

When: Saturday January 21, 10 am to Noon
Where: San Diego Civic Center , 1200 Third St, San Diego

When: Saturday January 21, 11 am to 1 pm
Where: San Marcos City Hall, : 1 Civic Center Dr, San Marcos

More details here.

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