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Apr 30 – 2016 Law Day Weekend

3795 Fairmount Avenue
City Heights, California 92105
Telephone: 619-641-6100

RE: Law Day Meeting: 6:30 PM, Wednesday, APRIL 6, 2016, at Library, C H Law Day – April 30th

Click here for the Agenda (PDF)

The Friends of the City Heights Library are sponsoring and organizing activities for April 30th 2016 Law Day weekend. We believe this event will be a great benefit for many in our community. We plan to have several activities which highlight the role of our system of law and justice. City Heights Law Day is less than thirty (30) days in the future. The next four (4) meeting will check final details for event.

Candidates for San Diego City Attorney, Attorney presenters or exhibitors, and event performers, and speakers may or may not, at their option, attend this meeting and should not feel any compulsion to attend, although the meetings are open to the public. We value your time and feel that your efforts may be better spent at other pursuits, at your option.

The Committee is refining and developing the final details for the April 30th City Heights Law Day. You may join the Committee, help with planning, contribute volunteer time or financial support and do other things to make the daylong event a success. Help is needed for the day’s Legal Presentations & Consultations event, at the City Heights Library and the evening SD City Attorney Debate, at the SD Peace Resource Center. There are still opportunities for exhibitors, presenters, and sponsors.

This month’s meeting will cover, the following: SEE ATTACHED AGENDA

• Firm up the program and time schedules for the Saturday April 30th free legal presentations and consultations, at the City Heights Library. Adopt a final printing schedule for Flyers, Programs, and related materials. Firm up and update the event Budget and sponsorship information. Firm up the list of presenters, exhibitors, participants, and volunteers. Review logistical, equipment, and related needs.

• Firm up the Saturday evening Candidates Forum for San Diego City Attorney, to be held between 5:30-8:30 at the Peace and Justice Center/ Church of Brethren A reception and meet the Candidates event to follow, immediately, at the, 3850 Westgate Place, City Heights. Discussion of Candidates Debate Rules and format. Discussion of logistical and volunteer requirements for the evening event.

• Consideration of Media and Community outreach methods and materials, including recruitment efforts for volunteers and student helpers. Status of City of San Diego PROCLAMATION, County and Assembly Recognitions for City Heights Law Day. Consideration of Flyers, Media Releases and electronic outreach materials and methods. Designation of Outreach working groups.

• Consideration of plan for Day and Evening Floor Managers and related organizational leadership.

• Consideration of scheduled for final four pre event meetings – Tentatively 6:30pm, Wednesday, April 6th, April 13th, and April 27th. Discussion of pre-event staging meetings 4-6pm, Friday, April 29th and 8 AM, Saturday, April 30th. Scheduling of May 4th debriefing. All meetings at City Heights Library

• Consideration of 2017 City Heights Law Day – Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday, April 30th, is LESS THAN a month in the future. Lawyers, Schools, Organizations, and individuals who would like to contribute or participate should contact us immediately. The event is filing up, but more participation is welcome. Please contact John Stump by phone at 619-281-4663 or by email: with your thoughts or just come to the meeting. We would be pleased to accept contributions of legal materials or your cash sponsorship. Donations may be tax deductible.

All the best

John W. Stump, Attorney at Law Jennifer Geran, City Heights Librarian
619-281-4663 e-mail: 619-641-6101 e-mail:

Karima Masri, Esq. , Loftin & Masri, APC Araceli Martinez, Attorney at Law.

(619) 786-6359 e-mail:
(619) 255-6778 e-mail:

All the best,

John Stump
Under The Big Tree At 3 LEAF
2411 Shamrock Street
City Heights, California 92105

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