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Dec 21 – Party Time! Potluck – Bring a Dish, Share Progressive Conversation

holiday-party-header-newAs we reach the end of another eventful year, we need time to reflect on what we achieved, to discuss plans for the new year and to enjoy each other’s company.

We’re throwing a party at Susan Peinado’s home in Point Loma – it’s a Potluck and we ask everyone to bring a dish.

The club will furnish wine and (good local) beer and appetizers.

Members pay $10 (and non-members pay $20) so there’s a great incentive to join and become a member in time for the Presidential election year.

RSVP and we’ll send you the address. 6:30-8:30pm

Looking forward
Jan Endorsements of state candidates before the pre-endorsement caucus
Feb State Convention and meeting of the California Alliance of Democratic Women’s Clubs
Growing the club, responding to ideas from members, training and educating each other.

Looking back
Emily Bonner with banner
We had some exceptional programming in 2015 with inspirational speakers, topical subjects and informed discussions. We elected Emily Bonner as our new President. We marched in parades and protested against ALEC. We endorsed national and local policies. We found a regular home at the AjA Project building in City Heights and we made a lot of new friends and connections. We helped found the California Alliance of Democratic Women’s Clubs and we grew our membership.

Nora Vargas 2015 HeadshotNov Treatment of Woman in Politics in Traditional and Social Media
Oct Restorative Community Conferencing
Sep College Affordability
Aug Nora Vargas
Jul Making a Living Wage in the 1099 Economy
Jun Join Our Party!
May Come and Learn Why San Diego City Council District 9 is Important
Apr Women Totally Get It
Mar Council President Sherri Lightner
Feb Nicole Capretz, Leading the Charge for the Community Action Plan
Jan Steve Rivera’s Vision for the Party

All of this for only $20/year – plus the ability to make friendships that are priceless.

We’ll be holding elections of officers at our January 2016 meeting. If you’re interested in being an officer of the club and would like to know more please call (619) 900-4751 or email We’ll also accept nominations from the floor.

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