June 17, 26 – Political Scandal Study – Research Participants Needed

Political Scandal Pilot Study June 11, 2015

This study is exploring the effects of controversial events involving the public sector as well as the local, state, and national government. This is an important area of research as our nation is constantly bombarded with scandalous events. Little is known, however, about how such incidents shape our national narrative and impact the general population.

There are a choice of dates June 17 at 6pm or June 26 at 2pm

If you’re interesting in taking part contact Elizabeth directly at (858) 353-4626. You must be 25 or older, available for a 1 hour group session, a U.S. citizen and fluent English speaker.

Elizabeth Straus, MA
Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student
California School of Professional Psychology-San Diego
Alliant International University

4 thoughts on “June 17, 26 – Political Scandal Study – Research Participants Needed

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    1. Hi Nancy, one comment was reflagging this post on the Point Loma & OB Dems, the other comment was yours. That’s it, no other comments posted here. I think it counted the reflagging, plus the comment about the re-blogging as 2 comments. It’s just the way the website software counts. 👍

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