Betty Yee to Endorse State-wide Alliance of Women’s Democratic Clubs in California

Betty Yee joined us on Saturday May 16 at the Democratic Party State Convention in Anaheim to endorse the formation of a state-wide alliance of Women’s Democratic Clubs in California.

The inaugural meeting took place at 2pm at the Mix Restaurant, The Hilton Anaheim, 777 Convention Way, Anaheim, CA. Call or text (916) 216 5173 for directions.

The aims of the alliance are to

  • Mobilize women for the 2016 election to gain Democratic wins for the presidency, house and senate
  • Share expertise and mentor women to participate in local, state and national politics
  • Provide support and resources for successful community building through social communications for Democratic women

We’ll be looking to establish a process of organization for the state-wide alliance as well as an umbrella website.

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