Mayor Faulconer: Proclaim December “Corky Orca Retirement Month!

We are making steady progress — now just shy of hitting 1200 signatures, but I know there are LOTS more people out there who support retiring this longest- held orca in captivity to a sea sanctuary! So please keep Sharing and encouraging people to join you in signing it, so we have a LONG list of signatures to share with the Mayor and City Council early next month.

Proclaim December as “Corky Orca Retirement Month” in the City of San Diego, honoring Corky Orca’s 45 years of sacrifice and service to the tourism industry in Southern California and 25 years years of sacrifice and service to SeaWorld Entertainment Inc.

For further inspiration, view this YouTube by Corky 2 Freedom Journey’s Christine Caruso: A short distance from OrcaLab…Freshwater Bay and Dong Chong Bay. Dr. Spong takes me there and describes how these two sites are ideal for an ocean sanctuary for Corky. Spoken with elegance, knowledge, and grace.

Slides from the November meeting – includes Martha’s Presentation on Corky’s history at SeaWorld (PDF).

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