Warrior Women: the Wins, the Losses & the Future

WarriorWomen3Martha Sullivan will present an update on the battle to stop Sea World’s inhumane practices against cetaceans.

Sarah Boot (@SarahRBoot) and Carole Kim (@carolkimd6) will talk on their recent experiences running for City Council.

Discussing victories, battle scars and continuing the fight for a more progressive San Diego.

These are very important discussions about issue that go to the very heart of progressivism in San Diego. We need to look very hard at how we are doing things and what we could do differently to get better results.

These are women who have been on the FRONT LINE and are going to tell us all about it!!!

Do not miss this presentation!!! It is eye-opening. It is important.

We have a new venue and we have the meeting room from 6:15pm. We encourage you to get there early.

Please order some food/drinks for ~$10/person as the proceeds cover the cost of the venue for the evening.

Please share details about this information and invite your friends!!!

See you soon!!! Bring your friends!!!


Martha Sullivan will talk about the sad 45th Anniversary of the capture of the longest-held orca in captivity, Corky, in British Columbia on December 11th. Corky has been at SeaWorld San Diego for the last 25 years, and has earned her retirement to a sea pen sanctuary. When ABC News did a feature on the worldwide campaign to free Corky in 1993, the reporter said that Keiko, the orca in the hit movie, Free Willy, trapped in a tiny tank in Mexico City, could never be released to the wild. But he WAS, and he was able to live for several years in the wild after a rehabilitation process that returned him to his home waters of Iceland with a team of dedicated caregivers monitoring him. So it CAN be done! The National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD, has stopped performances by, and breeding of, its captive dolphins and is actively developing the concept of a sea pen sanctuary to retire them to — and has invited other captive facilities to join it in so doing. SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. needs to step up.

Martha and Women Occupy San Diego have launched an online petition calling upon Mayor Faulconer to proclaim December “Corky Orca Retirement Month”: 

They are also organizing a demonstration at SeaWorld San Diego on Saturday, December 6th, 10a-1p, to call for retirement of performing whales and dolphins there, starting with Corky — she has earned it!

On Tuesday, December 9th, the online petition signatures will be presented at the San Diego City Council meeting.


Slides from the meeting – Agenda, Martha’s Presentation, notices and minutes of the last meeting (PDF).

Sign the petition.

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