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Kickoff Meeting at the Bamboo Lounge

BambooLoungeKickoffThe club launched on Tuesday June 24, 2014 at 6pm at the Bamboo Lounge in Hillcrest.

Club president Linda Perine introduced the officers:

Elizabeth Leventhal – Treasurer
Jessica Mier – Secretary
Susan Peinado – VP

and called out a special thanks to Ruth Rollins.

Linda outlined important intentions for this new club

1. Focus on policy not personalities
– a problem that San Diego politics has suffered from in the past

2. Change the conversation
– we will define policies and issues

3. Increase our knowledge
– through research and education, by and for our members

The club voted on two proposals that were both carried unanimously.

1. To support moving votes on local propositions to the General Elections in November
2. To support having the two top candidates from a Primary voted on in the General Elections in November

Linda then introduced the chairs of the committees to introduce their specialties

A-Team, Lori Kern
– writing for traditional and online publications
– looking for writers

Communications, Jessica Mier
– spreading the words of the A Team through social and traditional media
– Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn…

Outreach, Rebecca Taylor
– different approach

Programming, Susan Peinado
– education on issues

Project, needs chair
– Series of articles on relevant topics
– Database, turf, campaign knowledge, new tech

Fundraising, needs chair
– everything costs money

Special Announcements
Medical marijuana regulation
– Cynara Velazquez spoke on the present regulation and hopes to get an endorsement from the club at our next meeting

Voter registration
– Kelly King on behalf of the San Diego County Democratic Party spoke on the need to register and educate new voters

Carol Kim spoke on her upcoming election for District 6 and invited everyone to her fundraiser Wednesday June 25, in La Jolla. More details at

Next meeting
3rd Monday of the month at 6pm, venue to be announced

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